Danny Hizami used to entertain audiences all over North America with his stand-up routine. However, in 2009 he had a life changing experience. His wife gave birth to a beautiful daughter named Mia. Once his daughter was born, Danny's dream of becoming the next Ray Romano shifted and all that he cared about was making sure he was able to be at home with his wife and child instead of being on the road.

With his father in the restaurant business for over 30 years, Danny approached him with an idea. He felt that with only national chain shops like Chic-Filet, Subway and Chipotle in the area, something was missing; a local restaurant that serves something other than burritos, burgers, or generic sandwiches near the USC campus. Hence, the concept of Figueroa Philly was born. Voted #1 in LA, Figueroa Philly is a cheesesteak spot with soul!

In order to be considered a legitimate cheesesteak spot, Danny knew that the two most important ingredients for a Philly were the bread and the meat. Both had to be authentic. Therefore the first order of business was to inquire about getting Amoroso Rolls shipped in from Philadelphia. Mission Accomplished!!

Now it was time to choose the right flavor of meat. Rib eye steak or sirloin? Since the rib eye meat is much more flavorful than sirloin, and the fact that they use rib eye in Philadelphia, it was a no brainer. Rib eye all the way!

Once the meat and bread had been chosen, it was time to open its doors, and in April of 2010 Danny Hizami opened Figueroa Philly to the public.